8 week intro to FORM

This 8 Week Introduction to the FORM Method will include the following:


  • 8 (40-45min) Video presentations outlining and describing the fundamental principles of FORM
    • A practice per week designed to effectively rebuild and organize the the connective tissue of the body
    • Lessons are designed to allow an Arriving, Exploring and Experiencing quality within the fascial layer of the body.
    • Ultimately, this is the addition to your exercise and/or ballistic training regime that allows you to pre-habilitate stay injury free and promote higher instances of peak performance recognition


  • On-line email support and open phone conversations to address any questions regarding the movements and your personal development over the course.
    • Emails are answered within 24hrs and phone calls are scheduled as requested


  • Props are included!  What you receive to help you dive deep into the fascial layer are
    • 1 Cedar Wooden Block (two designs to choose from)
    • 2 Wooden Dowels (24 & 18 inches)
    • 1 Pair of Joy-a-Toes
    • 1 Travel Roller
    • 3 Myofascial Rolling Balls
    • Total value of $250


  • Free Attendance to One Afternoon Workshop in a city near you!


This is a vital investment in the future health of your integral capacity to maintain movement, stay injury free and produce peak experiences.  After 8 weeks you will notice significant results both in the body and mind.  With continued practice the gains in fascial fitness and flexibility are long lasting.  Unlike developing and building muscle mass when you stop working-out the results fade quickly.  Research suggest that between 8 weeks and 12 months of one to two practices per week the connective tissue re-hydrates and regenerates back to its natural tensile, elastic and supported quality.  Congrats on taking the first steps towards feeling free again!