Team stretching out

In 2013, The University of San Francisco (USF) Baseball Team was subjected to weekly one hour sessions during the 4 month in-season portion of their competitive training regime.  A total of 17 sessions were performed which focused on belly breath, visualization and the Tensegrity Repair Series as a means of rebuilding a healthy fascial layer and producing peak.  Results indicate that 96% of the student athletes found there to be a performance benefit from the sessions.  The players used words like ‘relaxing’, ‘calming’, ‘clearing’, and ‘confident’ to describe the psychological sensations that were most common during the sessions.   Findings also reported a 31.4% increase in winning percentage from the beginning of the season to the end of the season suggesting a cumulative effect of the sessions.  USF Baseball recorded a 34-22 Win/Loss result during the 2013 Season and was selected as an At Large Bid as one of the 64 teams to participate in the 2013 NCAA College Baseball World Series Tournament; the first in program history.  Future research should include measuring the performance enhancing effects of a regular fascial training routine in other professional arenas.  Such developments could further uncover the links between training the connective tissue for ultimate control and calming of the autonomic nervous system necessary for producing peak performances.



Vancouver College Varsity Boys Basketball 2012

University of British Columbia Baseball 2013

University of San Francisco Baseball 2013

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