Foundational Organization and Regeneration of Myofascia

It is the goal of FORM to present students of all abilities an opportunity to experience a healthy, resilient and elastic fascial body.  Such progressions are committed to further developing each students capacity to experience ease, strength, lightness and resiliency, in both body and mind.  Welcome to FORM Fascial Training.


 Pre-habilitation and Injury Prevention for Peak Performance

ARRIVING: Getting to know the fascial layer


An ubiquitous layer of fascia surrounds all the muscles and organs of the body.  It has been called the largest organ in the body or our organ of form.  We train this layer of the body to be well hydrated so that it can take its natural quality of elastic, incredibly strong and resilient.  Arriving here is subtle.  We pay particular attention to the quality of respiration, so as to reacquaint ourselves with a proprioceptive understanding of the “one muscle” of the body.

EXPLORING: Uncovering the concept of Tensegrity


Tensegrity is an architectural term that describes the connective properties of a free standing structure.  A tensile structure is balanced by an equal tension and compression system that allows for tremendous strength and flexibility.  When we apply this conceptual idea to the body we begin to incorporate a deeper connective quality to everything we do.  The Tensegrity Repair Series involves a series of simplified movements using a supportive wooden block and two wooden doweling.  Guided by a principle of 70% effort the series takes the student into new territory of connective quality in the body.

EXPERIENCING: the elastic, resilient and supported quality of the connective tissue

Once internalized, that each part of the body is in contact and connected to every other part, our approach to movement heightens in its expression.  The student has an elevated sense of proprioception from which to approach a flexibility program or traditional Hatha Yoga Asana practice.  With this intelligence (and through consistent practice) the body remains in a state of quiet understanding, health, and remarkable strength.  The foundation of FORM allows for a fundamental organization and regeneration of the connective tissue.  Ultimately helping to keep you injury free and performing at your peak.